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Z-1500-4 pet semiautomatic blow molding machine


Z-1500-4 pet semiautomatic blow molding machine
Z series 4 cavity semi-automatic blow molding machine is a multi-function plastic blowing equipment. Mainly used in the production PET as raw material of the mineral water bottles,CSD bottles,cosmetic bottles and other plastic packing bottles,and so on.
1) The use of special electronic circuit design heating tube, recoverable with single or multiple synchronous control with high efficiency, lower power consumption power.
2) The application of the theory of heat transfer analysis and feedback in accordance with the bottle preform shape, its thickness setting, heating box to keep constant temperature.
3) Cold air circulation cooling system, can guarantee the bottle preform, both inside and outside wall heating uniformity.
4) Gas path system divided into two parts, action and blow air to satisfy the needs of different movements, bottle blowing air pressure, and can provide a stable high pressure for blowing abnormity of large volume bottle.
5) System is equipped with muffler and connecting rod, crank arm oiling device.
6) Operations into inching and semi-automatic two modes.
7) Small size, less investment, one operator, simple and safe.
Technical parameters:
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