20 YEARS Experience

About Sautau

Sautau Mould is the new concept in mould making in China. After more than 20 years of experience, Sautau faces the new challenge of creating better and more reliable partnerships around the world. It was in 2013 that we began to expand our business and improve our service.We have enough experience for making Plastic homeware mold such as Plastic basket mold,plastic container mould,plastic stackable bowls mold.Plastic industrial mould such as plastic crate mould,plastic pallet mould,plastic paint bucket,plastic bobbin mould,plastic workshop chiller mould.Plastic Chair Mould,Plastic Table Mould,Pet Preform mould,Pet Blowing Molds,Motor parts mould,automobile parts mould and so on.

We offer a complete weekly follow-up on mould manufacturering through photos, videos and comments. Everything is dealt in the language of your choosing form English, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. Overall, Sautau Mould is by far the most reliable and safest manufacturer in Taizhou.

Professional, Quality, Technology

1). We guarantee material and mould quality for every project.

2). We offer the most advanced and professional service in the market.

3). All our mould are manufactured in high quality machinery.

4). Differentiated service offered in different languages facilitating communication and siminishing minor detail mistakes.

5). We believe in partnerships and not only single-time purchases.

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