20 YEARS Experience

R & D

With a complete design system, Sautau is responsible for forward-looking research and new product development. By advanced CAD / CAE / CAM technologies, and UG, CATIA, MOULD FLOW, PRO/E software, the company carries out product design optimization so as to shorten the product development cycle and ensure the quality of moulds. 

Simulation Plastic Flow: Simulation of plastic melt flow. To optimize and injection mould design of plastic parts, potentially reducing parts defects, improve the molding process.

Simulation Gating System: The cold/hot runner and gate configuration of modeling and Optimization. Improvement of parts surface, reduce warping of parts and cycle furthest.

Simulation Cooling: Improving the efficiency of the cooling system, reduce warping of parts furthest, so that the surface is smooth, and reduced cycle times.

Simulation Shrinkage and Warping: Evaluation and injection mould design of plastic parts in order to control shrinkage and warping.

Professional Forming Process: On a wide range of injection moulding processes and specialized application process flow simulation, especially in gas-assisted injection mould. For example: gas rattan chair.

Keywords: Plastic Chair Mould, Plastic Table Mould
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